Why Has This Forum Been Set Up?

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Why Has This Forum Been Set Up?

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:40 am

Up until now, neither owners nor residents have not been able to express themselves openly in relation to living in our complex and the things that are important, such as the way things are done in and around the complex (the way the lifts have been set up, as an example), and the unnecessary expenditure of Strata funds such as the $3,500 spent on the water filled barriers to stop people parking at the back of our complex, but we are still not ready to build the fence out the back there.

Then there is the matter of the costly upgrade to the complex. This was never discussed by the owners at an EGM nor was the cost ever spoken about. These upgrades have been imposed upon the owners without their knowledge or agreement. These are just a few of the many issues which need to be discussed and agreed to.

We have a swimming pool on Level 4, but it has not been in use for at least 6-7 years, but all owners are paying for it's upkeep despite not being able to use it. This pool is used by Real Estate Agents as a selling point for people to buy an apartment here. Maybe the Agents are not aware that the pool can't be used.

Another matter is the security system we now have installed which has cost us well in excess of $100,000 now, and it is still not fully installed, however, none of the cameras are actually working because a member of the EC went and disconnected them all rather than wait until the security company was ready to do that phase of the job. The building currently does not have the security of the cameras working.

There are many more issues which are never referred to despite the Chairman always referring to our 'open and transparent' policy. There are more issues to come once this forum is up and running.


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